2018 NABA RESPONSIBILITIES - Commissioner Ron Damasco

To all Executive Officers and City Directors,

I would like to extend my personal greetings to all of you and your families.
As we approach NABA 2018, I would like to take the opportunity to remind all our executive officers and city directors of their responsibilities that need to be in place prior to NABA 2018 in Montreal, Quebec.
  1. Two (2) teams in one (1) division is no longer allowed during the upcoming NABA 2018 Tournament in Montreal and in all future NABA Tournaments.
  2. There’s no better time than now so that I want every Executive Officers and all City Directors to prepare for the  officer’s meeting.
  3. All Officers must wear Barong tagalog during the officer’s meeting, Any Executive officer, Directors and Assistant Directors who refuse to wear Barong will not be allowed to attend the meeting.
  4. If a city tries to join another city to avoid paying the membership fee will not be tolerated and may result in a city probationary period stated by Commissioner Ron Damasco. Paying your membeship fee of $120 will benefit you and NABA as we move foward to become a successful Filipino league. The Commissioner and the NABA Officers are your friends and will always fight for you and for the better of NABA.
  5. Please be advised that proper attire is required during the officer’s meeting. Proper dark dress pants and barong tagalog top is mandatory. You may NOT wear short pants, shorts, t-shirts, tank tops and/or any casual wear to the officer’s meeting. After the the meeting you’re free to wear anything from your playing shorts but never your swimming trunks.
  6. The host city under Mr. Ed Tupaz has already published the team fees for all the team divisions. I advise you to please review all team fees. Remember, there is no increase in fees in all of the divisions. Please contact Mr. Tupaz with questions or any concerns about NABA 2018.
Thank You!
There will be more informations in the next  Commissioners announcement.

DR. ALBANO - Acting Commissioner

Dr. Ron Domasco has announced Dr. Albano as acting Commissioner, during his absence in the NABA 2018 tournament which is held in Montreal, Quebec.

Team and Membership Fees

Deadline for submission of team fee and membership fee is Aug 10,2018, late submission will be fined $50.00 payable to NABA to be sens to 15959 W.Tasha Dr. Surprise AZ 85374. 
 I will not allow two teams in one division, no question ask.
All players must wear the prescribed uniform of their team. No players will be allowed to play without their proper uniform.Players who wears a uniform different from his team will not be allowed to play.
No guest team will be allowed unless approved by the commissioner and the Executive officers and have paid their membership fee of $120.00 payable to NABA.
NABA needs to remain exclusive, by fielding the most competitive teams within the city Delegations.
NABA currently has 26 participating cities, which is more than enough teams to provide for competitive,successful tournament.during the two days Labor Day Holiday.
If for any reason an existing City Delegation decides to leave NABA, new applying cities will be chosen pending approval by the Commissioner and the NABA Executive Officers.
Participating City Delegations are required to maintain and follow the Rules implemented by NABA.